New MODG Standards for Bibliographies


Public Service Announcement for MODG Students

So, you’re finishing up a paper. You go through and fix the spelling mistakes. You restructure those two paragraphs that just don’t sound quite right next to each other. You struggle to think of a conclusion that doesn’t sound lame (don’t feel bad, it’s hard for everyone). Finally, you triumphantly write the last sentence and breathe a sigh of relief.
Hold on one second there, my friend! There’s just one thing left for you to do. You need your bibliography. It may seem like a pointless waste of time, but a proper bibliography is actually quite important. If you don’t specifically say where you got the information you’re using in your paper, you’re not giving the author who indirectly helped you write your paper any credit.
If you’re not sure how to make a bibliography, MODG has a handy guide showing you what you need to include. To find this, go to, click “My Student Page” (which should be at very top of options on the blue bar on the left side of the page), scroll down to where you have the options “Courses,” “Learning Support/Teacher Services,” etc, and click “Documents.” One of the documents should be “Bibliography and Citations,” which tells you exactly how your bibliography should be structured.
Happy studying!