Spear Fisherman: Robert Podermo

Robert Podermo

Interview with MODG 11th-grader Robert Podermo on spearfishing:

How long have you been spearfishing?

I’ve been fishing ever since I was little. I just recently started getting into spearfishing, and I loved it instantly.

What got you interested in spearfishing?

I guess what got me interested was seeing some of my friends doing it and them telling me they liked it.

What is your favorite thing about spearfishing?

My favorite thing is the feeling you get when you shoot a huge fish, it is also super cool because you get to see the marine life and it’s beautiful.

What is your least favorite thing about spearfishing?

My least favorite thing would probably be my fear for drowning, sharks are my least worry but what scares me is that I may blackout.

What life lessons has spearfishing taught you?

Spearfishing has definitely brought me closer with my younger brother and dad so the life lesson there would be to spend more time with your family.

How often do you go spearfishing?

I go spear fishing as often as I can, the only thing is, is that it has to be a perfect day to go out since my boat is small and the waves have to be small in order for me to go out. Also the fish have seasons where you can go out and shoot them so I can only shoot certain fish in different seasons.

What is the best environment for spearfishing?

The best environment for spearfishing is when it is a flag calm day and there is not a cloud in the sky. Also when I’m surrounded by other people who know how to spearfish as well.

What tools and weapons do you usually use?

For spearfishing I use: snorkel, mask, fins, speargun/pole spear, dive knife, water socks, water gloves, shark banz, and a dive shirt.

What types of fish do you hunt?

Fish I mainly hunt are: hogfish, red grouper, black grouper, gag grouper, mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, yellow jack, yellowtail snapper, etc.

What advantages or disadvantages come with being home schooled and spearfishing?

There are no disadvantages to being homeschooled and spearfishing but there are many advantages. I get to go out a lot more frequently than people who go to school, which is a huge advantage because it is way harder to go out during the weekends because there are way too many boats already out.

What advice or resources would you give to someone who is just starting to get interested in spearfishing?

I would advise them to take a spearfishing class before they start, and I would tell them from my experience to not be afraid of sharks and keep your cool and if they get too close to you then just poke them so they go away. I would tell them to practice their breath holds at home so they are able to hold their breath longer. Most importantly I would tell them to always have a dive buddy even if they are extremely advanced.