Where are They Now: Kate Thibodeau

MODG: When did you graduate from MODG?

Kate: I graduated in the spring of 2013.

James Thibodeau
Kate Thibodeau with her daughter, Lizzy.

MODG: What are your fondest memories of MODG?

Kate: My fondest memories of MODG would be getting to know many friends (ones I still have now…including my husband) via the Learning Support Classes. I enjoyed getting to know people from all over the US through the classes and then through the pro-boards and eventually meeting many of them in person. A lot of people thought it was strange that some of my best friends lived across the country from me in high school, but those friendships lasted for many years.

MODG: What assignments were you the most proud of?

Kate: My favorite assignment would probably be the essay I wrote on Flannery O’Connor for the Literature 12 course. That really challenged me to look deeper into literature to find examples of God’s grace within characters, situations, and events. It really inspired me to continue pursuing Literature in college and helped me be more excited to read texts by Catholic authors. To this day, I still love O’Connor’s work and encourage high school students to read them and share their insight.

MODG: How did your Catholic education prepare you for the future?

Kate: I think it greatly helped in defending my faith out in the world post graduation. It definitely influenced my decision to pick Benedictine College as my alma mater following high school and to delve deeper into literature and seeing Catholic morality in books as well as everyday life. Without my Catholic education, I probably would not have chosen my vocation to marriage and my husband as wisely. I think it’s safe to say that being taught in my faith during my formative years is one of the ways I can approach the everyday hardships as an adult and see how to direct my life towards God.

MODG: How did you decide what to do after graduation?

Kate: I always knew I wanted to pursue literature after high school, because I loved reading. MODG encouraged me to continue reading throughout high school.

MODG: How did you pick Benedictine College?

Kate: I later knew I wanted to go to Benedictine when I visited for the first time and just felt so “at home”. There was an undeniable peace there, and so many friendly faces. I knew a few other people were going that had also been MODG students. In fact, my college roommate was a MODG graduate I knew from LS classes. I knew Benedictine would help me further my education in a truly Catholic environment supporting the liberal arts.

MODG: Going back to how your faith helps you approach hardship, what was the greatest challenge you faced after graduation?

Kate: I would say that the greatest challenge of post graduation is completely trusting in the Lord to carry my life in the direction He calls us to. To be completely open to His plan in regards to our future: careers, living, financials, and the family we will have. I think life after graduation can be both exciting and intimidating, but remembering that God has a plan for each of our lives is what helps us get through the messy details and be at peace.

MODG: What helped you to be at peace and trust Our Lord after graduation?

Kate: After graduation, I think it was through frequent prayer and adoration. Also, finding community whether in your friends or family that is very encouraging of your faith journey. Having people that share that priority with you is so important when you grow up and realize that you are fully responsible for your relationship with the Lord.

MODG: What are you doing now that you have graduated from Benedictine?

Kate: Now, I have a BA in English with a minor in History and teach at Regina Caeli Hybrid Academy which used the MODG curriculum. I am also married and raising my 5 month old daughter in the faith.

MODG: What are your plans for the future?

Kate: My plans are to continue nurturing and growing our family as God wills, and to hopefully one day be a freelance writer or host my own writing platform. Ultimately my plan is to be a good wife and homeschooling mother to my family.