What does a Pandemic look like in your life?

News Production Staff

Garrett Touhill
Not even quarantine can impede the discipline of the ballerina. This ballerina is attending class from home on Zoom.


Katherine Milliken
On a normal workday, these parking spaces outside our rental complex are mostly empty. Now they are nearly always all full.


Gwynith Hayden
The local grocery store parking lot is more empty than full.
Shopping has become an entirely different experience during quarantine, with many stores running out of products and unable to keep shelves stocked.
Customers practice social distancing, remaining 6 feet apart, even in small aisles.
This sometimes means that customers must wait for another shopper to exit the aisle before they enter.


Kaki Williams
These signs are in all of the grocery stores. Here’s one at the local Publix.



John Clarity
“After being cooped up for weeks now, cabin fever and mountain madness are really starting to take their effect. I never thought this is where my slow descent into insanity would end…” -John Clarity (March 26)


Kaki Williams
This parking lot, which was full just a few weeks ago, is almost completely empty.


Daniel Gorrell
Now that Williamson county (Texas) has announced Shelter in Place, all our playgrounds are closed.


ShaLynne Ouellette
Morning traffic on NY State Route 38. The highway has been so quiet since our country began social distancing. Usually, it is quite busy with school buses, semi-trucks, and people driving to work at this time.


Samuel Milliken
A cool place to read the Inferno. College student John Milliken and his two other college-age brothers are home and attending class online. John set up his study place in the basement.

Please send us your pictures of what a Pandemic Shelter in Place order looks like at home, the grocery story, your backyard or while walking your dog or goat or pig. Yes, pictures are out there of people walking any animal they can find just to get outside!

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