COVID-19: What’s it like in quarantine

Gwynith Hayden

Gwynith Hayden , Social Media Editor

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is one of the worst pandemics faced in recent years.

Everyone across the globe is feeling the effects of COVID-19: the social distancing regulations, the Church closures, and the rapidly changing state ordinances.

But some people are more affected than others.

ShaLynne Ouellette, a MODG senior, was traveling in Spain just two days prior to the border closure.

Now back in the U.S., ShaLynne and her family are under self-quarantine for two weeks.

Self-quarantine and isolation is, “harder on me than I expected it to be,” ShaLynne says.

The feeling of separation is not the only thing that has been hard in quarantine. The closure of churches and other activities has also had an impact on ShaLynne.

“Watching these things shut down has been a big change for me,” ShaLynne says.

Schools, churches, and sporting events are closing across the United States.

California was the first state to order self-isolation, even for those who were not exposed to COVID-19, under penalty of misdemeanor. Many believe other states will soon follow suit.

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