MODG Student Talks Hunting


Tracy Yates. Tracy is Dominic's father.

Dominic Yates hunting in the mountains.

Daniel Gorrell, Reporter

This interview about hunting is with Dominic Yates, a MODG senior.

How long have you hunted?

I’ve been hunting for three years.

What got you interested in hunting?

A lot of people in Wyoming hunt, and I thought it would be a good activity to try.

What is your favorite thing about hunting?

My favorite thing about hunting is being out in the wilderness with just you and your thoughts.

Do you have any specific likes or dislikes about hunting?

I like the adrenaline rush you get when you are able to be so close to these amazing animals.

What life lessons has hunting taught you?

To be patient and enjoy what is around you.

How often do you go hunting?

Hunting only happens during October through December depending on what animal you are hunting. During this time though, I go as much as I can until I fill my tag.

What kind of environment do you hunt in?

I hunt in the mountains.

What tools and weapons do you usually use?

I use a Remington 30-06 hunting rifle.

What types of animals do you hunt?

I mostly hunt elk and deer.

What advantages or disadvantages come with being home schooled and hunting?

The advantages are that I can go out during the week and hunt, instead of having to wait for the weekend.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to get interested in hunting?

I would advise that person to talk to other people who have been hunting for a lot of their life, and to research the animal being hunted. Learn their tendencies and what they are likely to do in different types of weather. And always stay patient.