5 tips for a Better School Year


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Check out these 5 Tips for a Better School Year

Stay focused. Staying focused on your work can help you get through it more effectively. If you’re on a roll writing your religion paper, don’t get distracted! Wait until you’ve finished a subject before taking a break.

Take breaks. Being on the computer or working on one subject for too long can lead to getting distracted. Reward yourself after you’ve finished a subject, test, or class by taking a walk, getting a snack, or just standing up and stretching.

Order your work. Ordering your subjects from easiest to hardest or vice-versa can help you get your work done faster. Maybe you have easy reading for history class and want to get it out of the way, or maybe you’d like to get that tricky algebra done first. Either way, you will have a sense of satisfaction from completing a subject, which should motivate you to continue!

Be prepared. Make sure you know when the deadlines are for papers, tests, etc. If you know when assignments are due, you will have more time to prepare for them, and can eliminate the stress that comes with cramming.

Be thankful. As MODG students, we all receive a wonderful education. Start your day with a positive attitude, and be thankful for your homeschool education!