Ways to Make Money in High School


Gwynith Hayden

Making money as a high schooler can be challenging, but it is possible to make money effectively and to enjoy your work as well.

Doubtless many high school MODG students, inspired by large expenses looming in the future, such as college and cars, have often wondered about good ways of earning money.

Of course, there are always options like walking dogs, mowing lawns, baby-sitting, etc. Although for some people these could be excellent ways of earning an income, it might not be for everybody.

For instance, if you’re have little patience with little children you’re probably not cut out to be a baby-sitter; if you’re allergic to dog hair you probably shouldn’t try walking dogs; and, if the last time you mowed the lawn you ran over the garden hose you probably shouldn’t try lawn-mowing.

There are other options for the unemployed highschoolers among us, however. The most obvious of these is to get a part-time job at a store in the area.

Many companies will be flexible with teenage employees’ hours.  If you like, you could make arrangements to work weekends throughout the school year and then transition to more work days in the summer. In fact, minors are usually not allowed to work over a specified number of hours a week. Check to see what the laws in your area are.

Another option is to sell a product you’re good at making.

If you love drawing, crocheting, beading, creating model cars, etc., know that there’s always a market for your finished products! Especially with so many online craft forums now, it’s easy to get your work out there. You don’t have to be into the Internet, though; just get a table at a local craft fair and see what happens.

A similar option is to teach a skill you have to other people. If you are very interested in a particular skill or hobby, enjoy explaining it, and know enough about it to teach it to others, this might be a good option for you.

Blogging is another very popular idea right now. You could make money from this either by promoting a product you sell on your blog or by getting an account with Google Ads or a similar company and having ads displayed on your blog. A word of warning on this, though: unless you have some way of restricting what type of ads are shown, they very well may advertise for something inappropriate or immoral.

Lastly, just be creative!

There’s probably some talent or skill you possess that not many other people have, such as making chess pieces out of clay, drawing vintage cars, making doll clothes, etc. Try selling your skills and see what comes of it.