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MODG Motivated: Marathon Runner Series!

Gwynith Hayden

MODG Motivated: Marathon Runner Series!

MODG News reporter Faith Costello interviewed MODG Staffer Paula Lyons on running a half-marathon, for the last installment of MODG Motivated’s Marathon Runner Series. Enjoy!

1.  Have you ever run a half marathon before and if so, what are you doing differently with training this time? Yes! This will be my third half-marathon. All three of them are on the beach, so the views are really pretty! For this half-marathon, I am going to run smaller races beforehand so I don’t lose motivation before the actual half marathon. My first of these smaller races is on this Sunday!

2.  What is your training schedule? When I train, I usually run 3-4 times a week with my longest run falling on Saturday. Besides that it helps to cross-train 2-3 times a week and once a week I rest or go for walk. I’ve found that it’s really important to focus on my core. My favorite core workouts are on T-25.

3.  How does training affect your everyday life? When I’m in training mode, I have to make sure I’m getting in the runs and workouts every day that they are scheduled. It also means that most of my Saturday mornings are busy because of the long run.

4.   Does the training include what you eat? While I’m training, I avoid Diet Coke, which is so tasty but really bad for runners!! Otherwise, I try to eat pretty healthy, but I don’t have a set diet.

5. Do you use any apps and/or a Fitbit to help you? Yes, I use the free version of Nike Run Club app to track my miles.

6. Any advice for anyone who is interested in running a half marathon? My biggest advice for someone who is interested in running a half marathon is to schedule enough time to train so you don’t over stress your body. Running a half marathon is easier than you might think!

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