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Healthy Eating, Healthy Life!

Exercising is obviously a very important part of being healthy. But did you know that it only makes up about 20% of a healthy lifestyle? The other 80% is made up of your diet and sleep!

Discovering a sustainable, realistic and healthy way of eating is a far better choice than go on and off short bouts of dieting throughout life As Catholics, we are taught that we are temples of the Holy Spirit, and because of this, we have a duty to take care of our bodies by eating healthy and exercising.

Dieting is a quick fix, whereas healthy eating is a permanent solution that helps you live a longer and happier life. One of the most essential steps is removing (or at least significantly limiting your intake of) sugar. Sugar is such a common part of the most Americans’ diets that this might seem like an extreme step. It can contribute greatly to weight gain, increase your risk to heart-related diseases and diabetes, and worsen acne, a problem many teens understand.

If you notice that after dessert, you feel exhausted and ready for bed,that is because it spikes your blood sugar, and causes a quick bout of energy followed by a crash. This effect is especially noticeable if you eat sugar on an empty stomach. Sugar is also very addictive, and you might be more reliant on it than you think.

Sugar addiction is very real, but there are ways that you can eliminate unnecessary sugars.

  • If you like having coffee in the mornings, instead of using that sugary creamer, substitute it for Stevia, or milk.
  • Fruit smoothies are a good alternative to ice cream, and dark chocolate is much better for you than other candies.
  • Avoid sodas or other sugary drinks, and instead, drink sparkling water with fruit.
  • White bread contains a lot of hidden sugars, so replace it with whole grain bread.

At first, cutting sugar out of your diet will seem challenging and unsatisfying, but in the long run, it will give you more energy and a better attitude!

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Healthy Eating, Healthy Life!