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How to Make Your Own Reflector

A reflector is a photography tool that is used to bounce light onto the subject.


This tutorial shows an easy way to make a silver reflector with things you probably already have around the house.


Silver reflectors are used to reflect cool light. For reflecting warm light, I would recommend using a gold reflector. You can make one using gold wrapping paper and following the same steps in the tutorial.


Direct light sources often leave one side of the subject in shadow. A reflector can be used to reflect the light back onto the shadowed side of the subject.


A reflector can be used to reflect light back onto the shadowed side of the subject.


This prevents your subject from becoming too shadowed, which can throw off the balance of your image and distract from the main focus.


A reflector can come in any shape or size. My own reflector, which works well for headshots, is 14”x 27”. Some photographers say that you should use a 14”-20” reflector for small objects, 20”-30” for headshots, and 52” for full portraits. Essentially, your reflector should be around the size of the thing it will reflect.


Now you’re ready to begin! Grab your reflector and take some photos!

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