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Amor Terrae: The Budding of Spring

To celebrate the arrival of spring, VOX Reporter Gail Peterson stepped outside to document a cluster of tulips on the verge of blooming. A picture says a thousand words, so enjoy these photos of her backyard flowers blossoming over time!


Photographed on 4/11

Taken in the beginning hours of the day, the morning sun breathes on the face of the tulips, promising life as time goes on.


Photographed on 4/12

The newly fallen raindrops play their part in the cycle of plant growth.


Photographed on 4/14

The sunlight highlights the tips of these tulips as they begin to blossom.


Photographed on 4/14

One of the flowers has already started to open!


Photographed on 4/14

A closer look at one of the tulips.


Photographed on 4/20

The flowers have finally bloomed!


Photographed on 4/20

Classic photobomb!


It only took nine days for these tulips to fully bloom. What an awesome testimony to the beauty of God’s creation!

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