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The MODG Message: From Boy to Man, From Girl to Woman

Fellow teenagers, this is a time of transition for many of us. It is a time of growth, and of change. It is a time of learning, and of coming to know and act in ways we had not before had to in order to face new realities which we had never before been forced to experience. It is a time of preparation for the future that awaits us, and a time of foundation so that we might face such a future courageously. For, it is a time that will indeed shape this future which lies ahead of us, and a time which can lead us to personal growth, or drag us down into personal corruption. Fellow teenagers, this is a time where boys become men, and girls become women. How will we prepare diligently? How can we get ready for the future that lies ahead?

With God, all things are possible. And with Him by our sides, what good thing is there that we cannot accomplish? He is all powerful, all loving, and all knowing, and he yearns to help us throughout our life. If we devote ourselves to Him, to a life of virtue and holiness, the rewards will indeed be manifold.

As teenagers, preparing for our life as a man or our life as a woman ahead of us, we ought to be fervently preparing for such a future in the best way possible. And what better way to prepare for our future is there besides cultivating a life of virtue in the present? For if we have a relationship with God then He will guide us through our future. But if we do not, shunned by us He will watch mournfully, wanting above all else to help us, for He is able to obtain what is absolutely best for us in our lives, but not having our invitation to do so.

Fellow teenagers, holiness is your calling! Holiness is the means by which you will fulfill what you were meant to do, to achieve your purpose. Holiness is the tool which you will carry with you throughout life and it will lead you to a life most happy. For with holiness comes happiness. And fundamentally, deeper than all of the exterior pretenses and the shallow doings, even deeper than filial relationship or a sense of belonging, what is anyone, or rather, everyone seeking except happiness? And with God is happiness, infinite happiness! And with a life of holiness we will establish a relationship with Him; He will lead us to a life most happy on earth, and most infinitely happy in Heaven.

This is a time where boys become men and girls become women. We are growing and soon we will assume our own place in the world, as independent, confident young men and women, as we will make our mark. What will our mark be? And what better mark might we leave than that of the holy man, the holy woman? The man who leaves the worldly mark is remembered in the world, by the world. But the world will come to an end. The man who leaves a mark of holiness leaves a mark of Heaven, and is remembered in Heaven. And Heaven is eternal.

I encourage you all, let us all become holy! Let us cultivate our relationship with God through prayer, through the sacraments, and through our day-to-day interactions with each and every person in our lives! We are growing, maturing, but with God by our side and we His loving child what good will we not be able to achieve in our future lives ahead? Holiness is the means by which we might have what may be called a truly successful life, and one most happy.

From boys to men, and from girls to women, may this transition be rendered as one characterized by holiness, by prayer, and by the virtue which we all should foster. May it be full of the grace of God, for He will help us achieve what is absolute best for us. Let us become men and women of God, so that we will live a life most holy, and most happy.

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