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The MODG Message: How to Read More

For many, reading can be a very difficult thing. Often, there is no time for it, or it can be seen as boring or a waste of time. But it is not! Reading is a wonderful thing and in today’s culture especially, as the youth rely more and more on their phones and ipads for entertainment, it is important to remember its value. The joy of sitting in a fire-lit room with a warm drink and a book cannot be overstated. This is a compilation of tips on how to read more and make a lifelong habit of reading.

1. Make time for reading!

If reading is really something that you want to do, you need to make time for it each day and incorporate it into your schedule. You don’t have to do it for very long, maybe half an hour a day, but as you start doing it more and more, it will become easier and more enjoyable. It will end up becoming something you look forward to and that you try to find more time for instead of being just another task to complete. Having a set time during which you like to read, such as before you go to bed, can help you consistently make time for reading.

2. Read things that you like!

You don’t have to start by reading Herman Woke’s The Winds of War or St.Thomas More’s Utopia. Start reading more by reading things that you actually enjoy and that intrigue you. If Star Wars is your favorite movie, then try reading a sci-fi novel; if you are fascinated by chemistry, then read a book about atoms. There are endless numbers of books in each genre; find one that you personally think is interesting, pick it up, and start reading!

It is not wrong to want to read these great works of literature, but it also can take time to build up to that level of literature. We all start at different levels, and what is important is starting at a place that allows you to grow to love reading.

3. Explore different types of reading!

Many people find listening to a recorded book just as enjoyable as reading a physical book. This allows you to do chores, paint, or go on a walk, all while you listen to literature! There are many subscription-based programs that have recorded books, but youtube also contains many free recorded books that are in the public domain! (Check with a parent before accessing youtube.)

4. Give yourself a goal!

When you set yourself a reasonable goal, you are much more likely to read more books than if you were to stick to vague ideas of wanting to read more. But give yourself a practical goal!\

5. Keep track of your progress!

This can be elaborate or simple. You can have an elaborately decorated bullet journal with hand lettered titles. However, a simple list of the books you have finished in a month may suit you more. Whichever way keeps you motivated and illustrates the progress you have made is the best!

6. Reward yourself for reading!

For some people, it is genuinely difficult to sit down and read for extended periods of time. To you, it might feel boring; a useless waste of time, when you would rather be playing games, texting, or sleeping. So, incentivize it. Yes, I know, this sounds like something your parents do to your three year old sister to try and get her to eat dinner. But whether you like it or not, everyone loves incentives! So tell yourself, “For every hour I spend in focused reading, I can play video games for twenty minutes.” Rewards like this might be just the thing that will motivate you to read every day, and eventually, as you grow to enjoy reading more and more, won’t be necessary!

7. Have a few “reading spots”.

Books can be read almost everywhere! However, having specific “reading spots” can help you sit down and continue to read. When we continuously do certain activities in the same space we make a habit of being productive there. For reading, have several places for your “reading spot”. Maybe you like to read outside in good weather, so you have a reading spot outside. Maybe your house is multi-level, so you have a reading spot on each floor. Perhaps your reading spot is in bed at night. Wherever it may be, use the comfort and motivation of familiarity to sit down and read!

8. Only read 1-2 books at a time.

It is very tempting to pick up another book before you have finished your first one. Starting things is very exciting and invigorating, while finishing things can seem daunting and much less motivating. However, when we never finish something in a certain activity we lose motivation much more quickly because we can’t mark any progress. If you are really not enjoying a book, or if you discern that its contents are not okay, put it down and choose a different one. Allow yourself to stay focused on 1-2 books, but also give yourself grace when you don’t enjoy something.

I personally have a few books that I read over different forms of reading (i.e. reading 1- 2 recorded books, and reading 1-2 physical books).

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