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Gwynith Hayden

My friend a Guardian Angel

I am a senior with Modg and I am wrapping up my Catholic Doctrine course when the last chapter really hit me with a couple of very interesting facts. Guardian Angels are one of the most unique and tucked away blessings from God. They are like your secret best friend who guides you through life. Guardian Angels are a very personal gift from God and it’s almost unbelievable to think that every person gets this pure spirit to take care of you through the moment of conception to the moment of one’s last breath.

The coolest part about guardian angels is that they have personalities and God specifically matches those personalities with each individual so that every guardian angel can give the best assistance in the journey to salvation.

Angels share the strongest resemblance to God and they will be there to help you through your hardest battles. They are aware when the devil is present and can warn you and also help you in all the battles that come your way. The devil tries to blur the lines between good and evil but our guardian angels are there to act against these bad notions. But there is a catch, even though guardian angels have exceptional intellect they cannot read our minds which means we have to let them into our spiritual intellect so they can help us.

When people almost get hurt there is often the saying “your guardian angel was there” which is very true but it is often like a thoughtless saying, so the next time you say that really think about it, because they help you in not only physical things but also spiritual.

Our guardian angels can encourage us to pray and to perform acts of virtues, and to turn towards God in love and humility.

Did you know that whenever God is present on the altar you can offer God your guardian angels adoration to add on to yours? Not only that but you can also pray to other peoples guardian angels.

God honestly gave us an incredible ally that’s like a super power that is unbreakable!! But the sad part is that people often forget about their guardian angel. So this is a reminder to not forget about your guardian angel who helps you fight so many battles and is an endless love that walks with you through this journey of life.

With all the things that Guardian Angels do for us we should often thank them in the morning and acknowledge them throughout the day. But how do we get closer to our Guardian angel? How do we fully develop a relationship so that they can help us to salvation?

There are three things that can help you with this, which is silence, listening, and obedience.

These three actions connect to each other because once you obtain one you will be able to obtain the next and so forth. Silence is not about just not talking but rather opening your heart to God without constantly being distracted by the crazy things of this world.

Once you do this you will be able to listen to God speaking to you in many different matters, such as prayer, Holy Communion, and reading Holy Scriptures. But the great thing about this is that you don’t have to do all on your own! Your Guardian will be there to help you hear what God has to say to you.

Then once we hear what God wants us to do then we will be eager to obey and our guardian angels will help us follow God’s Will.

Creating a relationship with your guardian angel benefits you in so many ways it’s unbelievable. If we really listen to our guardian angels we can really learn from them and in the end the rest of your life will be more peaceful because you will be the closest to God than you have ever been.

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