Dan Marched for Life

February 5, 2020


Dan Gorrell

Rally for Life in Austin, Texas on January 25, 2020. I could not see the end of people behind me or in front of me.

The day of the Rally for Life in Austin TX on January 25, 2020 started out beautifully. This year I was marching with my Troop from the Troops of Saint George.

First the Troop attended Mass at St. Louis King of France Catholic Church. After eating, we all converged towards downtown Austin where people were gathering for the March.

After gathering at the appointed place, the crowds all moved towards the northeast side of our beautiful capital building where the March would begin.

Soon the March was on! Besides ourselves, there were at least two other troops besides our own marching with us. 

With banners unfolded and each of us taking turns to carry the American flag, we marched around downtown. 

The final destination was the front of the capital on the southeast side. 

It was touching to see the crowds of people marching. So many marching for the same purpose, to condemn the injustice of abortion and proclaim the sanctity of life.

After finally reaching the capital, we folded our banners, stowed the flag away and walked closer to the capital to hear the various speakers proclaim the sanctity of life and the evil of abortion.

Something that struck me especially was when one of the speakers said, “We are winning!”

This statement gives me hope that eventually America will acknowledge its mistake and be cleansed of the bloody stain of abortion.

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