Interview with Jen Dunlap, MODG Teacher


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Juliana Hollihen, VOX Reporter

Juliana Holihen, VOX reporter, interviews MODG Learning Support teacher Jen Dunlap.

1. What inspired you to become an LS teacher?

A college friend at Thomas Aquinas College encouraged me to work for MODG. She said it would be a great flexible job to do with a family.

2.When did you start teaching for MODG?

I started teaching in the fall of 2003, after I graduated from college.

3.  What makes you want to continue teaching each year?

The students are great! Seeing how interesting and well-formed they are has inspired me to continue homeschooling my own kids. I’ve had some families for 10 years and enjoy hearing about students going to college and getting married. Also, teaching keeps me fresh on subjects I want to know anyway, and connected with other people who care about Catholic culture and education.

4. How to you balance being a homeschooling mother while teaching LS classes?

I might not balance it well! I make simple meals and I’m not a great housekeeper. I’ve scaled back since my kids need more attention with school, and there’s plenty besides school to do with 5 kids. I appreciate how every year I can adjust my hours easily. This year I have some side projects as well so I’m working about 5 hours per week. I pick my class times according to when my kids will be doing other activities, or while they eat breakfast and do morning chores.

5. What are the pros and cons of teaching?

Pros: making money doing interesting work without leaving my kids, encouragement from other teachers, inspiration to continue homeschooling. Cons: grading papers after a full day is not appealing, and it takes a lot of discipline to grade in the morning before the kids are up, since I enjoy reading.