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Greetings MODG students!  The VOX news team is doing a project, and we want all of you involved!   We want to hear your favorite question you get asked about homeschooling.  Grace Tanko and Dominic Humphrey have already contributed in the video above.

All you have to do is send a picture of yourself (1MB or less) and the question you want submitted, along with your name and grade, to Letter to the Editor on the VOX site.    You’ll be up there in no time. The VOX news team looks forward to your participation!

Update: Thank you, David and Audra, for sharing your favorite questions you have gotten about being homeschooled!


So my favorite question I have been asked about homeschooling is:

“Do you ever even do school?”

I think it’s funny because of how many people assume that home-schoolers just sit at home all day and do nothing.



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