New Upload Feature Reaction

Students, teachers, parents and consultants react to the new way to hand in assignments

VOX Staff

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MODG’s new feature that allows documents to be uploaded directly to the family site changes not only how students turn in their work, but how teachers receive it, grade it, and return assignments. So how is this being received by students, teachers, parents and consultants?

VOX staff interviewed 11th grader Marya Garneau, 9th grader Daniel Bell, and 9th grader Max Feltes to get their reactions to this new feature.

Hear What Students Have to Say from VOX News on Vimeo.

VOX also set out to see what the moms, the primary educators in the home, think of this new feature. Mrs. B. and her family have been with MODG for over a decade. She said:

“Although I understand that this will come in handy for students and teachers, I find it hard to keep up with the changes and this new technology. I am pretty certain that I may be in the minority, but am struggling to keep up with these changes since I am a very NON-techy type.”

While Mrs. B.  said she prefers plain paper and pen for assignments she sees the advantage of the new feature for her children, “But I am glad that my children are learning to be more computer savvy and they have no trouble.”

VOX interviewed Rachel Ronnow, a MODG teacher, about how this feature affects the sending and receiving of assignments.

Mrs. Ronnow says change takes effort.

“I think for some of us who’ve been doing email for years and years, it actually requires us to completely change the way we file and categorize everyone’s work, which seems like it would be a little bit of extra work, in the beginning. At the same time, it’s a good way to be able to look at one spot and see all the work, and make sure it hasn’t been lost.”


The consultants that VOX interviewed, who are teacher reviewers of MODG education,  like how the new feature is making their work easier to process.

Lisa Peterson, a MODG consultant for six years, said:

“The new feature benefits consultants. I can see when students submit work -date and time-, when a teacher has downloaded it, when it has been graded and returned, and whether the family has at least looked at the returned work. “

Laura Davis-Dahlgren, a MODG consultant for ten years, said:

“It also allows consultants to view and offer advice or feedback on assignments since they’re in the cloud and available for multiple viewing by both parent and consultant during our phone conversation.  Secondly, assignments which are uploaded onto the Student Work tab are available to consultants as quarterly assessment assignment review so that transcripts can be updated more efficiently without waiting on mailing or scan and email delays.  It is a much more efficient, paperless system for all of us.”


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